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Fade to Dusk - A Death Note AU

"One step too far, and the world will change."

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fade to dusk

Fade to Dusk is a private Death Note AU roleplaying game, inspired by the players staying up all night and wondering what would have happened if someone else had picked up the Death Note instead of Light, and merging that with late night musings about what Light would have done with it if he had found it as an adult instead of a teenager.


Autumn 2003: Morita Hikari, a often-teased 12th year student, suffers from what appears to be a psychotic break after the death of his best friend from heart failure. Within days, Hikari's tormentors begin to turn up dead, each asphyxiated. A few weeks later, Morita is arrested on charges of murder - he claims to see demons, and admits his responsibility, but offers no explanation for his methods. He is incarcerated in Kusama Mental Hospital in Tokyo.

Spring 2004: Yagami Light enters To-Oh University with a social sciences based curriculum including supplemental studies in criminology/law and humanities. While attenting To-Oh, he dates a number of young women, including Takada Kiyomi, but fails to establish a strong connection with any of them.

Spring 2009: A child rapist/murderer is on the loose in Tokyo. The police are grateful to receive an offer of assistance from world famous detective, L. During the investigation, Yagami Light (aged 23) joins the police force and works with his father and L on the case. Mutually intrigued by what they perceive as a rare intellectual peer, Light and L keep in contact after the close of the investigation.

Summer 2009: Asakawa Megumi, a nurse at the Asylum, is the first to discover the body of Morita Hikari - dead, apparently of heart failure. Buried in his mattress, she finds a slim black book with the words "Death Note" written in English across the cover. Strangely compelled to investigate it, she takes it home with her...

character list
Light Yagami - dawnsfirstlightL Lawliet (L) - givemeyourcake
Ryuk - unsettled_dustWatari - patentlybritish
Misa Amane - misalolitaNate River (Near) - puzzlecomplete
Rem - ashandboneMello - matchstickrule
Kira - theascendedoneMail Jeevas (Matt)- toxinaddiction
Teru Mikami - thewordoflawRaye and Naomi Penbar - americanagent
Kiyomi Takada - absolute_graceBeyond Birthday - backupcorrupted
Light-aligned NPCs - anotherothersL-aligned NPCs - andtheothers
Mello-aligned NPCs - catchthemgoneNear-aligned NPCs - pawntakespawn
Shinigami - rotting_godsJapanese Police - choosashimashou
The Media - mediadarlingsBit Parts - irrelevantpeons
Megumi Asakawa - thedarkbeforeInformation, etc - relevantdata

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News and Media - fadetoduskActions/Logs/Events - whattheyvedone
Team L - wammyshouseTeam Kira - thehandofkira
OOC and Crack - ftd_nothinghere


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